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Blanket Bar Foot Cradle

Established in 2010, Royal Innovations, Inc. is based in the Boise, Idaho area.

Both, Owner and Inventor are Registered Nurses with a professional understanding

of the unique needs of customers. The Blanket Bar Foot Cradle or Blanket Bar Bed Cradle is must have if you suffer from the pressure of the blankets on your feet.

Royal Innovations Blanket Bar 

Royal Innovations has devoted many years in research and development to offer consumers a product that truly works. We have invented an adjustable blanket support system that holds the blankets up off of the feet and legs while resting in bed. The Blanket Bar foot cradle is completely adjustable in width and height to fit twin, full, queen sized mattresses. It can be adjusted up to 40 full inches giving plenty of space to adjust for the thickness of the mattress and allow for extension to a height of choice. The Blanket Bar foot cradle support weighs under 4lbs and folds down flat when not in use. Quality of life doesn't have to stay at home anymore. Now you can take it with you! The Blanket Bar will fit into a suitcase for easy travel.

"Try our proven foot cradle system today and start sleeping better tonight!"

Features & ​Benefits of the Blanket Bar, Blanket Lifter

  • Knowledgeable, Technical Support
  • Hands-On Owner/Inventor involved in day to day operations
  • The Blanket Bar, Blanket lifter is superior to its’ competition
  • Fits twin, full, queen sized mattresses
  • Requires no tools to assemble
  • Easy one person set up
  • Elevates to a full 40 inches
  • Comes apart easily for travel
  • Stores right on the bed during non-use 
  • Additional use- supports mosquito netting
  • The Blanket Bar, Foot Cradle can help with pain relief by holding

           blankets up and off the lower legs and feet.

The Blanket Bar


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